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3-Way Object Sensor
3-Way Object Sensor
  • Forward-looking three-sensor object-detector
  • 1.90" x 0.50" x 0.35" thick
  • Short-range sensing of up to 4-6"
  • "Objected detected" red, yellow and green indicator LEDs eases debugging and adds to your robot's asthetics.
  • High/low digital output for each sensor makes it easy to interface with most microcontrollers
  • Digital output goes "low" when an object is in range
  • Based on Sharp's popular IS471F sensor -- this sensor modulates the emitter IR LEDs and filters out return signals outside the modulation frequency for increased immunity to false triggering
  • 5V operation



  • Assembled & Tested
    • Not offered at this time.
  • Kit
    (Warning! Requires assembly of extremely small components! Good soldering skills and equipment are high recommended!):